The American Medical Association estimates it costs $6-$12 to file a paper claim. Add that to the cost of staff turnover, updated software, and lack of time for paperwork and you can see how outsourcing can benefit your practice. Allow us to be the ones filing the claims, following up with the insurance companies, and recovering old accounts receivable. Not only will this give you more time for patient care, but it will ultimately decrease the cost of filing insurance claims.

Your insurance payments will still go to your practice, the same as it has been done in the past. The only thing we will need is a copy of the EOB showing what payments have been made.

Patient information from front and back of patient’s insurance card(s), a copy of the patient’s authorization form, a signed copy of the superbill/encounter form by the physician which includes CPT and ICD10-CM codes. We will also need copies of the EOB’s and patient payments so that we may post payments to the account and follow-up on any unpaid claims.

Absolutely not. All original documents remain in your office. We will let you know if any additional documentation is needed, such as Progress notes, daily treatment notes for Workers Compensation claims, and we will only need a copy of the record.

You may send us the information via facsimile, Scan and email, or if you using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) we can retrieve them from there The choice is yours.

No practice is too small for us to help, and we welcome the opportunity to have a working relationship with you. We can also assist new providers as they open their doors and begin practicing medicine.

Yes, with today’s technology, location is not an issue through the use of the computer, fax and mail. Of course, Aloha Care Medical Billing, Inc., schedules meetings at your location to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

A large part of our job is to stay on top of changes made by insurance carriers. With all the changes to filing procedures by Medicare and other commercial carriers, filing a claim has become a gamble to see whether or not it will be paid. By hiring a billing specialist, you no longer have the worries associated with those changes. We follow-up on every claim until it is paid and we make the necessary changes for future filings.

In most cases, claims will be filed electronically. There are still some carriers and Medicare Intermediaries that require paper forms.