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Our Mission.

“To earn our clients loyalty through hard work, diligence, and commitment, working closely with providers and their staff, to improve cash flow by providing excellent and efficient reimbursement services!”

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Cost Effective.

Is Hiring a billing agency cost effective? Generally a billing agency can perform your billing for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff which will allow them to increase your practice revenues. A billing agency is an extension of your office who will work closely with you and your staff. The cost savings of using a billing agency include:

  • Time on the phone with insurance carriers
  • Wages, taxes and benefits
  • Holiday, vacation, and sick-pay
  • Training seminars/continued education
  • Software and upgrade costs
  • Computer hardware
  • Maintenance fees/support contracts
  • Delay in claim research
  • Delay in claim resubmission
  • Supplies and postage costs

Aloha Care Medical Billing, Inc. specializes in full service practice management, medical billing, consulting and HIPAA compliance.


Outsourcing medical billing claims can be very profitable for physicians because it eliminates all the delayed expenses associated with keeping their medical billing in-house.


Professional Medical Billing Internet Accessible billing system with real-time graphical scheduling, your practice has access to our system 24/7. All patient accounts and reporting are available from your office work station.


Modern security technology ensures that your information is safe and secure.

Multi-Specialties Billing & Coding


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